A Selection of Ryan’s Published Clips

A Selection of Ryan’s Published Clips

Landowner access denied: Ribera-area property owners no longer have access to property
| Aug. 5

Just off State Highway 3 near Ribera, south of the San Miguel del Vado Church, sits a dirt road gated with barbed wire. The adjoining barbed wire fencing is adorned with two signs typically found in rural areas. One reminds… READ MORE

Vegas gas stations offer return to simpler times
| Aug. 25

Drive down almost any street in Las Vegas and it’s easy to see remnants of the past. Stop for gas at either of the town’s two full-service gas stations and you can experience a small piece of that past…. READ MORE

Poisoning of birds highlights dangers of lead in bullets
| Sept.

Dr. Douglas Thal has always been fascinated by golden eagles. He grew up on his family’s ranch in Golondrinas, where for hours he would watch the majestic birds of prey that resided in large nests built on the ledges of sandstone cliffs… READ MORE

Concerns arise over anonymous reporting app
| Sept. 14

Las Vegas City Schools will soon introduce a smartphone application designed to make it easier for students to report inappropriate or dangerous activities happening on campus…. READ MORE

City Schools brings in new tech, tools
| Aug. 12

Students and teachers at Las Vegas City Schools campuses will encounter several new technology elements as they start a new school year… READ MORE

WLV Schools takes questions on proposed drug testing

During a special meeting of the Board of Education on Wednesday, West Las Vegas Schools discussed enacting policies that would require drug testing of staff members and students… READ MORE

At the Special Olympics’ Northern California Chapter, volunteers get gold in operations

The thrill of competition. It entertains us, it unites us, and since the 1960s, millions of Special Olympics athletes have been given the opportunity to engage in competition all over the globe. Getting thousands of athletes to hundreds of competitions throughout the year can be challenging, but these operational hurdles… READ MORE

Heinrich’s foe makes appearance in Vegas
| July

U.S. Senate candidate Mick Rich made a stop in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon to address a small group of people at the San Miguel County GOP Headquarters on Bridge Street… READ MORE

More perks coming to El Fidel hotel
| Aug. 23

When it opened in the early 1920s, the El Fidel Hotel offered travelers more than just an affordable, comfortable place to sleep. Guests could sit down to eat breakfast or lunch, grab a drink at the bar, or gather with friends in a comfortable setting. Soon, travelers and Las Vegas locals alike will once again be able to enjoy… READ MORE

5 tips to keep the party going
| Aug.

Imagine your guests having so much fun they don’t want to leave. The key to reaching this pinnacle of event planning is booking great entertainment. Searching for the right entertainer can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be a chore… READ MORE

Drones: What are the rules?
| Aug. 12

In only a few years, drones have become very popular with hobbyists. These small, pilotless aircraft have become more affordable, and the ease of operation makes them easy to fly… READ MORE

Let’s face it, Americans own a lot of stuff. As the late comedian George Carlin once noted, “Sometimes … You’ve gotta move all your stuff, and maybe put some of your stuff in storage. Imagine that, there’s a whole industry based on keepin’ an eye on your stuff.” The storage industry may not be a very glamorous industry to invest in… READ MORE

Las Vegas man arrested for felony child abuse
| Aug.

Las Vegas police arrested a man on battery and felony child abuse charges following an altercation in the 500 block of South Grand Avenue. Jonadam Dimas, 25, was booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center July 28 on multiple charges, including… READ MORE

Mora man booked for January battery
| July

When New Mexico State Police arrived at the Mora home of Wilfred Vigil in January of this year, officers found broken glass on the porch and a woman with bruising to her face. They did not find Vigil…. READ MORE

3 smartphone component suppliers to consider

There are obvious ways to invest in the growing smartphone market, like buying shares of Apple or Nokia. The downside to a direct investment in these companies is that it also exposes you to the risks that come with new devices falling short of consumer expectations, such as the lukewarm reception of BlackBerry’s Z10 and Q10 models. While it isn’t possible to eliminate all the risks associated with this volatile… READ MORE

Police: man struck officer with beam
| Sept.

A chance encounter with a Las Vegas police officer led to felony charges of battery on a peace officer for a Montezuma man.While responding to a harassment call in the 2300 block of North Gonzales Street, a officer with LVPD noticed… READ MORE



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