A Selection of Ryan’s Published Clips

A Selection of Ryan’s Published Clips

Man charged in Mora County stabbing
| July

A Holman man was arrested following a recent stabbing that occurred in the 2100 block of State Road 518 in Cleveland. Jesus Maes, 21, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to a criminal complaint filed in Mora Magistrate Court. On the evening of… READ MORE

The Triangle Factory Fire and labor’s legacy
| March

It was quitting time when someone noticed the fire in a scrap bin on Saturday, March 25th, 1911. Inside the Triangle Waist Company factory, eight stories above New York’s Greenwich Village, hundreds were preparing to leave work for the day, but unbeknownst to most people in the factory, the fire was growing… READ MORE


I’m always on the lookout for less obvious investment opportunities, niches that can be easily overlooked. Lately, I’ve seen several news stories about police departments equipping officers with body-worn video cameras. So, I wondered, is there money to be made by investing in the manufacturers… READ MORE


At the Special Olympics’ Northern California Chapter, volunteers get gold in operations

The thrill of competition. It entertains us, it unites us, and since the 1960s, millions of Special Olympics athletes have been given the opportunity to engage in competition all over the globe. Getting thousands of athletes to hundreds of competitions throughout the year can be challenging, but these operational hurdles… READ MORE


Is there still upside in these luxury retail stocks?

I’m a guy, and as such, I tend to invest in lots of companies that do guy-type-things. But I’m always on the lookout for good opportunities, and on a recent trip inside the closet that I share with my wife, I noticed that I may have overlooked a potentially… READ MORE


Colorado sheriff under FBI investigation
| May 24

Colorado Springs is home to Focus on the Family, Compassion International, and the 14,000-plus member New Life Church (founded by the now disgraced Ted Haggard), and historically, right wing political candidates have fared well there. In 2008, John McCain won the county by almost 60 percent, and in 2012, Mitt Romney enjoyed a slightly higher… READ MORE


3 smartphone component suppliers to consider

There are obvious ways to invest in the growing smartphone market, like buying shares of Apple or Nokia. The downside to a direct investment in these companies is that it also exposes you to the risks that come with new devices falling short of consumer expectations, such as the lukewarm reception of BlackBerry’s Z10 and Q10 models. While it isn’t possible to eliminate all the risks associated with this volatile… READ MORE




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