Environment Stories

Environment Stories

Landowners quarrel over access to road
| Dec. 16

North of Ribera, just off an I-25 frontage road, lies County Road B55 — a narrow dirt road that provides access to a handful of properties in rural San Miguel County. The road also connects to the Santa Fe National Forest — or at least it used to. Now, a locked gate blocks… READ MORE

Landowner access denied: Ribera-area property owners no longer have access to property
| Aug. 5

Just off State Highway 3 near Ribera, south of the San Miguel del Vado Church, sits a dirt road gated with barbed wire. The adjoining barbed wire fencing is adorned with two signs typically found in rural areas. One reminds… READ MORE

Poisoning of birds highlights dangers of lead in bullets
| Sept.

Dr. Douglas Thal has always been fascinated by golden eagles. He grew up on his family’s ranch in Golondrinas, where for hours he would watch the majestic birds of prey that resided in large nests built on the ledges of sandstone cliffs… READ MORE

Mora fracking film screened in Santa Fe
| Sept. 14

Mora County’s attempts to ban fracking are detailed in a new documentary titled “Drilling Mora County,” which was screened Wednesday evening at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe…. READ MORE

City: More revenue needed before curbside recycling can begin
| Sept. 28

Las Vegas residents who wish to recycle materials like plastic bottles or newspapers must continue to haul these items to a recycling center for the foreseeable future….. READ MORE