Ryan Lowery is an award-winning independent journalist whose work has been published by the Associated Press, Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe New Mexican, Idaho Business Review, and many others. He also regularly covers crime for the Las Vegas Optic.


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Sold for Sex

Sex trafficking plagues New Mexico women; however, because there’s no uniform definition of the crime, a lot of it goes undetected. Read more: SFReporter.com

A summer of secrets: Police provide little information on multiple homicides, while skirting state law

The Las Vegas Police Department is investigating four homicides and one non-fatal shooting. To date, charges have been filed in just one case. Police have provided the public with very little information on these incidents, and have denied multiple open records requests. Read more here: LasVegasOptic.com

Federal agency alleges someone within LVPD aided drug trafficker

The Drug Enforcement Administration alleges that someone within the Las Vegas Police Department aided a drug trafficker under investigation. Read more here: LasVegasOptic.com

Public art fosters “creative class” community downtown

Public art installations add to Boise’s existing, established downtown art scene, but the city’s growing artwork collection gives the public even more reason to spend time downtown. Read more here: IdahoBusinessReview.com

Poisoning of birds highlights dangers of lead in bullets

Some, like veterinarian Dr. Douglas Thal, are calling for hunters to use non-lead ammunition to help stop wildlife from being poisoned. Read more here: apews.com

July homicide drew FBI attention to Las Vegas

Though the DEA was investigating a drug trafficking operation in Las Vegas, N.M., the FBI didn’t target Vegas until the July 22 slaying of Leroy “Smurf” Lucero. On Sept. 19, a joint DEA and FBI investigation culminated in raids on more than 20 homes and one business. Read more here: LasVegasOptic.com

Las Vegas, N.M., gas stations offer return to simpler times

Motorists in Las Vegas, New Mexico can still find the full-service treatment. Read more here: SantaFeNewMexican.com

Enhance your guest experience with sights and sounds
| Idaho Business Review

Music is powerful. It has the ability to make you feel happy, sad or even nervous. Filmmakers know this, which is why they use music to enhance the images on the screen. Lighting helps tell the story as well. Just as filmmakers enhance the enjoyment of their films with these elements, you can utilize music and lighting to enhance the experience guests have at your events. Read more here: IdahoBusinessReview.com

Refreshing history: Restoration renews former Harvey Girls dorm

This former “Harvey Girls” dormitory in Las Vegas, NM will soon have rooms for rent once more. The building’s owners have given new life to this historic building rich with history. Read more here: LasVegasOptic.com