Features & Profiles

Features & Profiles

Public art fosters “creative class” community downtown
| June 

From traffic light control boxes wrapped in colorful artwork to multiple murals and sculptures, downtown Boise is home to hundreds of works of public art. These publicly accessible works are both privately and publicly funded, but are available for viewing by anyone… READ MORE

Refreshing history: Restoration renews former Harvey Girls dorm
| June 

With the restoration of another historic building on Railroad Avenue nearing completion, it could soon feel a bit like 1898 again in Las Vegas, N.M. Work on the Rawlins Building — a National Register of Historic Places structure — is nearly done, and once completed, it will operate much like… READ MORE

Reduced to Rubble: Decay and neglect destroy Las Vegas’ history
| July 

Las Vegas lost another piece of history recently when a brick building on Grand Avenue crumbled onto the sidewalk below,.. READ MORE

Enhance your guest experience with sights and sounds
| Aug. Idaho Business Review

Music is powerful. It has the ability to make you feel happy, sad or even nervous. Filmmakers know this, which is why they use music to enhance the images on the screen. In a horror movie, music is often the signal to the audience that the girl on screen should absolutely not open that basement door… READ MORE

A summer of secrets: Police provide little information on multiple homicides, while skirting state law

The Las Vegas Police Department is investigating four homicides and one non-fatal shooting. To date, charges have been filed in just one case. Police have provided the public with very little information on these incidents, and have denied multiple open records requests. Read more here: LasVegasOptic.com

Railroad Renaissance: Renovations breathe new life into historic Railroad Ave.
| July 

The first locomotive arrived in Las Vegas 140 years ago this month. Regular passenger and freight service over the next 20 years helped Las Vegas grow into one of the largest cities in the Southwest. Eventual expansion of the railroad resulted in other Southwest towns becoming much larger than Vegas, but even today, the railroad remains an important part of Vegas’ heritage… READ MORE

Vegas gas stations offer return to simpler times
| Aug. 25

Drive down almost any street in Las Vegas and it’s easy to see remnants of the past. Stop for gas at either of the town’s two full-service gas stations and you can experience a small piece of that past…. READ MORE

5 tips to keep the party going
| Aug.

Imagine your guests having so much fun they don’t want to leave. The key to reaching this pinnacle of event planning is booking great entertainment. Searching for the right entertainer can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be a chore… READ MORE

Profile: David Duro, Executive Director, Treasure Valley Family YMCA
| May. 6

As President and CEO of the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, David Duro is well positioned to see positive changes in the world every day. He’s also leading the charge… READ MORE

Meadow City in the Movies: 100 years of filming throughout Las Vegas
| May 15

Sheriff Walt Longmire sits in his office overlooking Durant, Wyoming. Down the street, Max Evans, an alien, kisses Liz Ortecho, a human, outside the Crashdown Cafe. On the other side of the river, Llewelyn Moss and Anton Chigurh exchange gunfire in the streets… READ MORE

More perks coming to El Fidel hotel
| Aug. 23

When it opened in the early 1920s, the El Fidel Hotel offered travelers more than just an affordable, comfortable place to sleep. Guests could sit down to eat breakfast or lunch, grab a drink at the bar, or gather with friends in a comfortable setting. Soon, travelers and Las Vegas locals alike will once again be able to enjoy… READ MORE

Carnegie Public Library blends history with new technologies, services
| Aug. 12

The Carnegie Public Library has been serving the people of Las Vegas since 1904. Though it was one of three libraries in New Mexico funded with grants from steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, it is now the only one in the state still serving… READ MORE

Bob Rosenthal, 2019 Icon Award Winner
| Aug. 15

When Bob Rosenthal started college, he knew he wanted to work in radio or television broadcasting. Rosenthal landed his first job in the industry soon after graduation, as the sports director for the NBC television affiliate… READ MORE

West Las Vegas rapper hoping to sign recording contract soon
| Jan. 8

When thinking about hip-hop music, most people don’t think of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Local rapper Yung Tat the Prince would like to change… READ MORE

At the Special Olympics’ Northern California Chapter, Volunteers Get Gold in Operations
| Oct. 11

The thrill of competition. It entertains us, it unites us, and since the 1960s, millions of Special Olympics athletes have been given the opportunity to engage in competition all over the globe. Getting thousands of athletes to hundreds of competitions throughout the year can be challenging, but… READ MORE

71-year-old store gives customers chance to ‘step back in time’
| Oct. 21

Walk through the doors of Popular Dry Goods and you’re instantly transported back in time. That’s what customers tell Brenda Manning, one of the managers of the longstanding western wear store on Bridge Street… READ MORE

Forty-four years of driving: Now in his 80s, a longtime bus driver finally turns in his keys
| Oct. 28

Las Vegas native Tony Archuleta has spent 44 of his 84 years behind the wheel of a school bus, and he’s loved every minute of it. In fact, he never missed a day of work…. READ MORE

Think Safety: How to provide your guests with a fun, safe event
| Aug. Idaho Business Review

When guests feel safe, they can relax and enjoy themselves more. Providing a safe event for your guests begins with planning ahead. Often, that planning requires you to imagine some bleak scenarios. But with a plan in place to handle the things that could go wrong, you’ll be able to focus on happier aspects of your event. Here are a few ways you can plan ahead… READ MORE

Cleared for takeoff: A pair of seniors prepare to record their first rap album
| Nov. 2

Fans of the Robertson High School Cardinals have likely heard “Fly with the Birds,” a hip-hop song written and performed by RHS seniors Andres Garcia and Jake Gamel…. READ MORE

Bob Kustra, 2019 Icon Award Winner
| Aug.

Bob Kustra recently stepped down as the president of Boise State University, after serving for 15 years. But Kustra had never even been to Boise — or to Idaho — until he became a candidate for the presidency in 2003. It was during that first visit to Boise… READ MORE