Investigative Stories

Investigative Stories

Delayed Discovery: Police received reports of hidden body months before recovery

The horrific smell coming from the structure was obvious, even from the outskirts of the property. Trash, furniture and other debris cluttered the lawn and prompted someone living in the west side neighborhood to contact the city about the mess… READ MORE

Piecing it together: Picture of June homicide takes shape as DA continues investigation

She was near the front door when the shot was fired. A single bullet pierced the man’s rib cage, just below his right armpit. “They got me,” 27-year-old Cruz Gallegos said as he stumbled past her, through the front door and into the darkness of the early June morning, hours before sunrise. The shooter then pointed the gun at her…. READ MORE

One Way Out: July homicide tied to violent New Mexico prison gang

A car horn disrupted the quiet July evening. Then came the gunshots. Three bullets that killed Leroy “Smurf” Lucero, leaving his wife without a husband, and his four children without their father. His violent death also shifted the focus of a nearly five-year-long FBI investigation to Las Vegas…. READ MORE

Sold for Sex
| March. 27

Sex trafficking plagues New Mexico women; however, because there’s no uniform definition of the crime, a lot of it goes undetected…. READ MORE

Smoking Gun: Man ID’d in 2018 deadly shooting remains free

On a cold Sunday morning, just 21 days into 2018, the sound of gunfire shattered the peace in a small west side neighborhood nestled between Luis E. Armijo Elementary and an Allsup’s convenience store. A man reported the incident to police dispatchers at 10:44 a.m. “There’s been a shooting. They just killed someone,” the caller told a dispatch operator…. READ MORE

A summer of secrets: Police provide little information on multiple homicides, while skirting state law

The Las Vegas Police Department is investigating four homicides and one non-fatal shooting. To date, charges have been filed in just one case. Police have provided the public with very little information on these incidents, and have denied multiple open records requests. Read more here:

Federal warrant names suspects in Las Vegas homicides
| Sept.

A recently unsealed search warrant filed in U.S. District Court shines some light on a deadly summer in Las Vegas…. READ MORE

Concerns arise over anonymous reporting app
| Sept. 14

Las Vegas City Schools will soon introduce a smartphone application designed to make it easier for students to report inappropriate or dangerous activities happening on campus…. READ MORE