Former ‘Harvey Girls’ dormitory once again welcomes residents

Former ‘Harvey Girls’ dormitory once again welcomes residents

From Chile Street

Restoration of the Rawlins Building — a National Register of Historic Places structure — is almost done, and it will soon function much like it did in the late 19th century, with commercial space on the main level and apartments for rent upstairs. In fact, owners Tom and Tina Clayton expect to start renting rooms within weeks.

“This fall is the target. Covid kind of put us in a holding pattern for a period of time, especially with supplies and equipment,” Tom Clayton said. “It’s been a long project, but it’s something we’re excited about.”

The Rawlins Building is located on Railroad Avenue in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It’s a part of town that roared to life after the arrival of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad in 1879.

When the first locomotive rolled into Las Vegas on the Fourth of July that year, a brass band played and hundreds of people showed up to celebrate its arrival. Over the next few years, the railroad brought new goods and visitors to the Meadow City, boosting the town’s prominence, making it comparable in size to Denver, Colorado, or El Paso, Texas.