Police: Woman attempted to deliver drugs to murder suspect

Police: Woman attempted to deliver drugs to murder suspect

From the Las Vegas Optic

She called to let him know she was outside with the package. The meeting had been arranged earlier in the day, and now 21-year-old Skye A. Sedillo sat in a car on a road near the San Miguel County Detention Center, waiting for a corrections officer to come retrieve the package.

The envelope she’d brought contained 6.1 grams of methamphetamine, 6.4 grams of heroin, injection needles, a lighter and a couple cigarettes, according to court records. Sedillo and others arranged for the jail guard to sneak the package inside the facility, according to police. Once inside, it would be delivered to Roger Tait-Gomez, one of two men charged with an open count of murder in the first degree for the July 6 shooting death of 16-year-old Adelina Tafoya.

Arrangements for the delivery began earlier that day, Monday, Aug. 10, when Kevin DeHerrera, an inmate being held on drug distribution charges, asked a corrections officer if he’d like to make some extra money by sneaking contraband into the jail, according to court records. The plan was simple: Sedillo would call him and arrange a time to drop off a package, the corrections officer would pick up the package, then sneak it into the jail. The officer would deliver it to DeHerrera, and DeHerrera would pay him for his services.

Later that day, just as planned, Sedillo called the officer to say she was outside with the package. However, instead of discreetly retrieving the package from her as she’d expected, he’d contacted officers with the Las Vegas Police Department who arrived to search Sedillo, according to a statement of probable cause filed in San Miguel Magistrate Court.

Sedillo was arrested, and during questioning, she told investigators she’d picked the envelope up from a home belonging to Tait-Gomez’s mother, and that Tait-Gomez instructed her to bring it to the jail. Sedillo told police that Tait-Gomez had arranged the deal, and that he told her if she didn’t get the package to him, he would get beaten up.

This was not the first time Sedillo was interviewed by police. While searching for Tait-Gomez in the weeks after the July 6 shootings near Storrie Lake State Park, New Mexico State Police investigators questioned Sedillo after finding her at Tait-Gomez’s home.

In an arrest affidavit for Tait-Gomez, State Police identified Sedillo as his girlfriend, and at the time, Sedillo was living with Tait-Gomez at a home on Seventh Street.

Sedillo was arrested Monday and booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center as Skye A. Sedillo-Gallegos.

She is charged with six felonies: two counts of trafficking controlled substances, two counts of conspiracy to commit trafficking by distribution, bringing contraband into a jail and conspiracy to commit bringing contraband into a jail.

At a hearing Tuesday, Judge Christian Montaño ordered Sedillo held on a $5,000 bond; however, Sedillo is scheduled to have her conditions of release reviewed by Judge Melanie Rivera this week. As of this writing, Sedillo remained in custody at SMCDC and is scheduled to appear in Magistrate Court for a preliminary hearing Aug. 20.

DeHerrera was charged Wednesday with two counts of criminal solicitation to commit bringing contraband into jail, two counts conspiracy to commit trafficking and criminal solicitation to commit bringing contraband into jail. DeHerrera is already in custody at SMCDC on a $7,500 bond, following an Aug. 3 arrest when he was charged with distribution of a controlled substance in that case.

Tait-Gomez has not been charged for his alleged involvement in attempting to bring the contraband items into the jail, though charges could be filed later after further investigation.

Tait-Gomez was arrested July 28 after an hours-long standoff with police. He faces multiple felony charges, including an open count of murder in the first degree in the shooting near Storrie Lake that killed Tafoya and injured two other teens.

Nico Barela, a second man accused of shooting at the teens, was arrested July 24. He faces an open count of murder in the first degree, and multiple other felonies. According to affidavits, both Tait-Gomez and Barela shot at a vehicle driven by Tafoya.

Tait-Gomez and Barela are currently being held at SMCDC without bond as they await trial. Dates for those trials have not yet been set.