LVCS, former volleyball coach battle over public records law

LVCS, former volleyball coach battle over public records law

From the Las Vegas Optic

Las Vegas City Schools has again violated the state’s public records law, according to the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, a nonprofit dedicated to government transparency.

The district was chided by the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General in late January for charging illegal fees for access to public records. Last week, district officials attempted to charge for photographs of documents taken during an in-person inspection of records, which according to Melanie Majors, the executive director of FOG, is a violation of state law.

“The Inspection of Public Records Act allows anyone to inspect a record without payment,” she said. “If an individual wants to take a picture on their phone of the record — or if it’s on a computer screen and they want to take a picture of that — there’s nothing in the Inspection of Public Records Act that prohibits that action.”

FOG last week notified the district and the AG’s office about the recent violation of IPRA. The violation happened Aug. 5 when former Robertson High School volleyball coach and physical education teacher Stacy Fulgenzi was told by district officials she wasn’t allowed to photograph documents she’d requested unless she paid $1 per photo.