Mark Maxfield, 2020 CEO of Influence

Mark Maxfield, 2020 CEO of Influence

From the Idaho Business Review

The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care began on a piece of land that once belonged to Mark Maxfield’s grandparents. They had called the land home for 50 years, and raised their children there.

“In December of 2001, we opened the very first building in Emmett,” Maxfield said. “They always wanted to do something like this, something for seniors.”

While the concept of assisted living may not have existed then, Maxfield said his grandparents would have appreciated the Cottages. “It was nice to be able to make that dream come true for my grandparents,” he said.

Maxfield and his father launched the company in 2000, and from the start, Maxfield has handled operations while his father acted as the developer. His father has since retired, and today, Maxfield continues what they built as the CEO.