Shooting sparked by ‘bad batch of meth’

Shooting sparked by ‘bad batch of meth’

From the Las Vegas Optic

A disagreement over tools and methamphetamine ended with one man being treated for a gunshot wound and another man facing criminal charges.

Kelvin L. Jeffrey, 27, was arrested Jan. 8 and charged with felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, as well as misdemeanor negligent use of a deadly weapon.

Around 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 2, New Mexico State Police were called to Alta Vista Regional Hospital after a man with a gunshot wound was dropped off at the emergency room.

The man told police he was at home when someone showed up asking for food. When he said he didn’t have any food for him, he said a man pulled out a gun and shot him, according to an arrest affidavit filed in San Miguel Magistrate Court.

However, following further questioning, the man changed his story. The shooting hadn’t happened at his house, he told investigators. Instead, a friend had driven him to Jeffrey’s home near Storrie Lake because Jeffrey, who also operates a plumbing business from the address, had some of his tools.

He said Jeffrey initially let him inside the home, but when he went outside to look for the tools, Jeffrey locked the door. He told police that Jeffrey asked if he had a gun, and when he said he didn’t, Jeffrey fired a single shot that struck him in the stomach.

During a second interview on Jan. 6, the man said he’d gone to Jeffrey’s home that morning to show him some new tools, but when he got there, Jeffrey was upset with him about a bad batch of meth he’d given him. He told police he knew Jeffrey well, and admitted the two had done meth together in the past.

Later, after remembering he’d left a tool at Jeffrey’s house, he and his friend returned to get it. He said he spoke to Jeffrey through the door, but Jeffrey was still upset about the meth, so the man left. But he returned later and again knocked on the door. He said Jeffrey asked if he had a gun, and when he said he didn’t, Jeffrey asked if he was ready “for the heat,” and then fired a shot through the door.

According to Jeffrey, around 2 in the morning, a man he didn’t know came onto his property, and when he heard someone on the front porch, he grabbed his pistol. Jeffrey told investigators the man said, “I just want to have fun.” Jeffrey said the man wouldn’t identify himself, and in fear for his safety, he fired one shot through the door.

When told the name of the man he’d shot, Jeffrey said he didn’t know him. However, the man told police he and Jeffrey had been friends for about a year and a half, and he was able to describe the layout of Jeffrey’s home.

Jeffrey was booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center Jan. 8. During a Jan. 9 hearing, Judge Melanie Rivera released Jeffrey on his own recognizance, citing that he has no criminal history.

Jeffrey is being represented by public defender Chico Gallegos and is scheduled to appear in Magistrate Court Feb. 11 for a preliminary hearing.

The man who was shot was transported to UNM Hospital in Albuquerque, and has since been released.