Police chief: No evidence of LVPD corruption

Police chief: No evidence of LVPD corruption

From the Las Vegas Optic

The Drug Enforcement Administration spent more than a year building a case against Robert Corbin Padilla, an Albuquerque man federal authorities have charged with trafficking drugs into Las Vegas. But according to a DEA search warrant affidavit, agents feared someone within the Las Vegas Police Department was providing information about the DEA-led investigation to Padilla.

It’s an allegation LVPD Chief of Police David Bibb denies.

In an email statement sent to the Optic on Friday, Bibb wrote: “At this time, there is no evidence of any employee of the police department that would suggest corruption of any kind.”

In a phone interview Monday, Bibb told the Optic he met with DEA officials on Sept. 27 to discuss the allegations made in the affidavit.