Hire Ryan

Hire Ryan

Small Business Services

    • Business Blogging
      Hosting a blog on your website is a great way to drive traffic to your site, build brand recondition, and establish your name as a leader in your industry. However, blogging takes time, something most small business owners find to be in short supply. Why not let me handle the writing of your blog posts? I can craft posts based on your ideas and source materials, or create original posts on our own.
    • Articles
      If you’ve ever wanted to create articles about your industry but can’t find the time, let me help. I can create original, relevant articles about your business or industry. Want to have an article published in your name outside of your company website? I can ghostwrite articles for you. Let me do the heavy lifting while you sit back and take all the credit.
    • Web Copy
      Having a website is no longer an option in today’s business environment, and thankfully, several great services exist to make that easy. However, once you’ve created your website, you still need to fill it with details about your company and your products or services. I can help! I’ll create dynamic copy to sell your products or services using your background documents. If you don’t have any such documents for us to work from, not to worry. I can create your web copy from scratch.
    • Traditional Copywriting
      From brochures and flyers to sales letters and one sheets, I can help you craft attention-grabbing copy to help sell your products and services.
    • Ghostwriting
      Do you have something you’d like to see in print but don’t have the time to write it? I can take your ideas and transform them into blog posts, articles, or even books. I’ll do the heavy lifting and you get all the credit! What could be better? I also offer ghostwriting for letters—to clients, shareholders, or anyone else.
    • Crafted Social Media Posts
      Maintaining active accounts on Facebook and Twitter are vital in today’s business climate, but social media is a time sucker. Let me craft dynamic, targeted messages for your followers. I can even post them for you if you’d like to free up even more time.




Services for Individuals

Are you looking for a new job? Let me help you land the gig of your dreams.

    • LinkedIn Profile Building
      To stand out to employers as an all star, you need an All-Star LinkedIn status. This is the highest rating of a LinkedIn profile, but it takes time and expertise to create a profile worthy of this highly sought-after ranking. I can help you fill out your LinkedIn profile, transfer your traditional resume into one that pops online,  and craft a summary that grabs the attention of potential employers. I’ll even help you choose the perfect profile picture.
    • Resume Writing
      First impressions matter, and most of the time, an employer’s first impression of you is formed by looking at your resume. In today’s competitive job environment, you need more than just a standard resume from a template, and I can help! I will not only help you put together an eye-catching resume, I’ll help you craft a professional brand to position you ahead of the competition.
    • Cover Letters
      Weather you already have an eye-catching resume, or you’ve let us create one for you, you’ll need a professionally written cover letter to land that dream job. Let me help you craft the perfect cover letter to impress your prospective employer.